5 Facts About Bail Bonds

Arrests happen in Allentown day and night. People usually go to jail and call a bail bondsman to bond them out. If you are the unfortunate recipient of an arrest, be sure to use bail bonds Allentown PA to regain your freedom. Take a look below to learn five important bail bonds facts and make the call in the time of need.

1.    Property Bonds Available: In the event that you are without the full amount of the bond, man agencies offer property bonds. Contact the bonding agency of your choice to learn more about property bonds and how they work.

bail bonds Allentown PA

2.    Discounted Bonds: People use bondsman services due to the reduction in bonding amount. Pay the fee directly to the court in the full amount or pay a bondsman just 10% of the original bond amount.

3.    Day & Night: Bondsmen service never closes. Arrests happen even in the middle of the night and on holidays. You can always get a dependable bondsman to bail you out of jail no matter what the time on the clock.

4.    Any Criminal Charge: Bondsman bond out individuals regardless of the criminal charge. They may decline bond for a person with a Failure to Appear (FTA) charge or who has a history of FTA.

5.    Appear in Court: Signing a bail bond is an agreement that you will appear in court on the specified court date. Failure to appear in court on this date and time results in revocation of the bond and you’ll be back in jail on a bench warrant in no time.

Bail bondsman makes it possible to get out of jail after an arrest. It is easier than dealing with the courts and a service available 365 days per year. Although there is so much more you should know about a bondsman, the information above is a good place to start.


4 Important Workers Compensation Facts

If you are injured while at work, workers compensation insurance is available from your employer to pay the costs of your medical bills and treatment. Workers compensation is often misunderstood, however. Do not be amongst those who do not understand the iowa workers compensation law. Take a look below to learn four important facts about workers’ compensation.

1- Everyone Qualifies

Workers compensation insurance is available to every employee who works at a business, even if they are responsible for the accident. Workers compensation insurance pays for medical bills and rehabilitative services. There is a process that an employee must follow to ensure they receive the pauper benefits.

iowa workers compensation law

2- Accidents off Property

If the accident occurred when you were off of company property, you may still qualify for workers comp insurance. Far too many employees think if they are driving for a company and endure an accident that isn’t on company property they don’t qualify for the coverage but this simply isn’t true.

3- Call a lawyer

Sometimes, workers comp claims are denied. There are numerous reasons why a claim may be denied. When your claim is denied, reach out to a lawyer to get help. Most offer free consultations to discuss the details of the case and can help you get the justice that is needed in the case.

4- Does Your Company Use Workers Comp Insurance?

Although most Iowa businesses are required to carry workers compensation insurance, not everyone is. Make sure that your business has the coverage in place. If the company isn’t required to carry coverage, you obviously cannot get the coverage.

Make sure you learn as much information as possible about workers compensation insurance ahead of time. The more that you know, the better off you are at the end of the day. You never know when the information will prove useful.